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Seed Cleaning


Q-SAGE, Inc. 4x94-53-2+2 Precision Seed Cleaner


Each machine is engineered to the specific needs of the customer, resulting in an investment that is thoroughly utilised.

Optional 60" wide screens provide additional capacity above the competition at minimal cost.

All units feature high tolerance, quality screens and ball tray systems. These are custom made by the Quality Custom Screen Company, the leader in precision made screens and ball tray systems.

All Eccentric Components are CNC machined to a tight tolerance, resulting is a straight & true shake action of the screens.



Premier Grain's Length Graders utilze a single 17 or 23 inch diameter high density hardened cylinder. We use an environmentally and employee friendly carrbonitriding process to surface harden our cylinders to a minimum of 55 Rockwell C. Standard checks throughout the manufacturing process insure consistent quality and customer satisfaction. We at Premier Grain strive towards quality, product safety, and social obligations to our employees, our customers, and the environment.


Material is fed into a rotating cylinder, all material shorter in length than the indent pocket is lifted into a conveyor trough that runs through the center of the cylinder and is then discharged out the end. Material that is not lifted is conveyed out along the bottom of the cylinder to the discharge outlet at the same end.

Voyager Gravity Separator

Model: GVX 1020, GVX 1040, GVX 1050

Built on our legendary rugged chassis and components, Voyager offers an unparalleled number of adjustment points and power automation to simplify the purification set up. Programmable Logic Circuitry with a pre-loaded menu of up to 20 separation “recipes” means faster and simpler changeover between different products, and optimal separations from even the most minimally-trained operator no matter what your density separation, size separation or contaminant removal needs.

Product Features

  • Drive Fans
  • Computerised Touch Screen
  • 4-way Joystick Tilt Control
  • Advanced Counterbalance Design
  • State of the art Electronics
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Stratification on an Oliver is unique. Proper lifting is provided by an air system specially designed for particle concentration. Hi-Cap destoners feature Oliver's patented multiple fan, air supply system. Unlike our competition, Oliver engineers did not just go buy a fan off the shelf and attach it for airflow. Oliver engineers specifically designed our new fans for accurate weight separations using Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology. The operator can adjust each fan separately to allow precise control of the air. As a result, our fan design maintains the unique requirements necessary to separate particles that differ in density. Worldwide, Oliver's fan performance is proven to be the benchmark for separation efficiency.


All of our machines include the following:

  • Rub, De-awn, & Polish a Variety of Seed to Increase their Test Weight & Value Heavy Wall Drum Design for Superior Longevity
  • Hardened Steel Paddles
  • Industry Standard 15° Angle on Paddles to Rub & Assist with Product Flow TEFC, NEMA Premium Efficient Motors; X-Proof Available
  • Dust Hood at Discharge of Machine for Containment
  • Optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for Easy RPM Adjustment
  • 8” + 10” Drums utilize Pneumatic Clean-out
  • 15” + 20” Drums utilize Heavy-Duty Drop-out Door for Easy Clean-out Numerous Models Available
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Purify your product by removing heavy contaminants (such as glass, dirt, stones and metal) from larger quantities of lighter harvest desirables (seed, grain, precious metals, plastics or minerals 1⁄2" in diameter or less). Add value and minimize process losses and damage on a variety of products with Oliver’s Hi-Cap Destoner.

  • Easy to operate, minimal adjustments needed
  • Faster, more precise setup and operation
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Longest warranty in the industry — 3 year
  • Each machine tested at the plant before shipping
  • Fast service and tech support turnaround from our USA plant
  • For more information refer to the brochure.

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Separate smaller samples of similar sized materials (seed, grain, spices, herbs, mineral sand and more) with outstanding efficiency. Integrating some of the best features of our full-size machines, Oliver's Laboratory Gravity Separator achieves unsurpassed performance in concentrations of high value, low volume samples. This is the only lab-sized separator durable for constant use in Oliver's own R&D testing Lab.

  • Specialized machine and deck design for small lot processing, up to 500 lbs / hr
  • Low noise
  • User-friendly design
  • Electronic control for most precises fan and eccentric speed adjustment
  • Longest warrentry in the industry - 3 years

For more information refer to the brochure

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Maxi-Cap Platinum adds one-touch power electronic control and repeatable memory to a proven separator platform capable of separating up to 40,000 lbs. of material an hour. Never before have setup, cleanup and changeover been so quick and straightforward, even for a minimally trained operator. And thanks to legendary Oliver durability, your profitability starts the day you install.

  • Computerized touchscreen
  • Continuous independent variable
  • fan control
  • Joystick controlled 4-way decktilt
  • Position control sensors
  • Allen Bradley microprocessor control
  • Memorized settings and cleanout routines
Model 2400 3000 3600 4800
Height 92" (234 cm) 96" (244 cm) 96" (244 cm) 102" (259 cm)
Width 100" (254 cm) 108" (274 cm) 112" (284 cm) 124" (315 cm)
Length 134" (340 cm) 135" (343 cm) 158" (401 cm) 194" (493 cm)
Deck Size 48" x 120" (122 x 305 cm) 60" x 120" (152 x 305 cm) 60" x 144" (152 x 366 cm) 72" x 180" (183 x 457 cm)
Weight 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) 5,400 lbs (2,450 kg) 5,800 lbs (2,631 kg) 7,600 lbs (3,448 kg)
Shipping tare 6,400lbs (2,903kg) 6,800 lbs (3,085 kg) 7,200 lbs (3,266 kg) 9,000 lbs (2,082 kg)

The Maxi-Cap Platinum Series

The Oliver Maxi-Cap Platinum series brings the safety, simplicity and efficiencyof integrated control to one of the most reliable gravity separators ever made. The Platinum is an evolved Maxi-Cap with the addition of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and touch screen, which provide a central interface for operating control over all adjustment parameters. These programmable automation controls provide simplified operation, reduce yield losses due to human error and can integrate Oliver machines into automated processing facilities. Continuous control over feed rates, pinpoint air ow and 4-way deck tilt combine for the most precise separation and highest quality end product possible.

Precision Operator Control

By combining the control over all parameters into a centralized graphic interface, Oliver has simplied training, setup and operation. A 6-inch touch screen governs air flow, eccentric vibration, side tilt, end raise and feed rate. A power-assisted joystick provides 4-way control over deck angle. Together, they make adjustment instantaneous and eliminate the need for the operator to move to different parts of the machine to make adjustments.

Programmable Memory

The Allen-Bradley PLC stores and retrieves parameter settings for up to 20 different material processing “recipes” plus an automated machine cleanout routine. Recipes can be memorized during actual operation or downloaded from the manufacturer from among dozens in popular use. Memorized settings:

  • Provide outstanding consistency regardless of the training or experience level of the operator
  • Ensure more uniform quality in the finished product
  • Reduce the loss of acceptable material

Pre-Wired Plant Intergation

Pre-wiring means the machine can be installed with a single electrical connection to a power source. In addition, integration with plant automation is accomplished with a single ethernet connection to the central control network. For safety and convenient maintenance, all memory and control automation is housed together in a dust-tight and splash-proof NEMA 12 electrical cabinet. All electronics come with a 3-year warranty when factory installed, versus the industry standard of 1 year.

  • Factory wiring provides simplified installation.
  • Single network connection simplifies plant process integration.
  • Single point connections minimize installation time, e ort and speed of return on investment.

In addition, all electrical components are UL listed, meet or exceed national electrical code and with the full backing of the Rockwell Technical Support Team.

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With Oliver Manufacturing, you get the bene t of direct support for quick response on all issues and the full weight of our American-based manufacturing and maintenance resources. Oliver engineering assures you of the most advanced design and a solid upgrade path for every innovation we develop on all machines.

Efficient, safe and extremely precise sorting by width and thickness

Perform product refinement and product cleansing with unparalleled accuracy. Oliver sets the standard in safety and precision with the SIZE RIGHT® Precision Sizer. Our custom cylinder screen fabrication enables sorting capacity with the closest tolerances available: down to 0.003" (3/1000").

Optional advanced dual mode screen cleaning (standard flappers with optional pressure rollers) assures maximum throughput and accuracy. Oliver o ers a wide selection of models and a stackable modular design to help customize precision sizing capacity for each application. Outstanding performance provides the best possible results from downstream gravity separation.

  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting components
  • Most accurate cylinder screen tolerances available, with certified precision accuracy gauges
  • All moving parts protected behind optional quick release, auto-shutoff safety doors
  • Real-time digital speed control and RPM readout
  • Optional dual mode cleaning and cleanout system
  • Fast service and tech support turnaround from our USA plant

For more information please download the brochure

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Maximize control and boost your bottom line. Oliver introduces the first fully automated, power control, PLC- governed gravity separator - the Voyager. Memorised routines speed setup and cleanout, and centralized power control simplifies adjustments. The most advanced gravity separator on the market comes with legendary made-in-America Oliver reliability with Colorado-based support.

  • Computerized touchscreen
  • 4-way joystick tilt control
  • Power controls with digital readout
  • PLC memory for stored routines
  • 100% repeatable setup
  • Multiple fans with improved air segregation
  • Longest warranty in the industry - 3 years
  • Fast service and tech support turnaround from our USA Plant

Maximize your control. Boost your bottom line.

Oliver's Voyager, the gravity separator that sets new standards in the degree of control. No other separator puts so much adjustment precision in the hands of the operator. Voyager lets you separate more materials into more grades precisely and consistently than ever.

Features of the Voyager Gravity Separator include the following:

  • Spring assisted stone discharge design
  • Advanced couner-balnce design
  • machanical boot clamps
  • Redesigned eccentric machinery
  • Maintenace access panels
  • Safer, encolsed design
  • Computerized touchscreen
  • heavy skun cut-out gates
  • Improved air segregation
  • High side blender trough
  • superior deck clamping
  • Improved rock trap
  • Multiple fans
  • Tubular frame
  • Flushed mount filters
  • reduced vibration
  • Quieter operation

Voyager automates the enr=tire setup and operation procedure. Every parameter that can be controlled has been automated, which means you spend less time in training and overight. Switching back and forth between matreials is as aseay as recalling adjustment settings "recipes" from over 20 programmable routines. Rockwell Automation ensures repeatability, and legendary state-of-the-art-Allen-Bradley electronic controls allow easy integration into the most comprehensive plant automation strategies with basic plug-and-play wiring.

For more information check out the brochure.

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Sieve Screens

QC Hand Testing Screens

QC Hand Testing Screens are manufactured with the same precision and attention to detail as all our custom purchased screens. We start with premium quality 20ga. Sheet metal and custom punched to your perforation requirements including faster holes. Our custom punches screens eliminate partial holes and are built to last. Each frame is constructed of hardwood and designed to be stackable. We also construct 12 and 24 screen holding racks for our 12" x 12" hand test screens. 12" x 18" hand test screens are also available.

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