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In-Bin Drying

The demands of farming are never ending. The risks are high. Each year you have one shot at your crop’s yield, strategically navigating through all the challenges Mother Nature throws your way. And, at harvest, every second counts. The window of opportunity from field to storage is narrow, so you need storage solutions that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Years of hard work powered by a single vision to design and deliver world-class products have built this company from the ground up. For more than 40 years, it is this dedication and commitment that have resulted in GSI becoming the world’s number one manufacturer of grain bins. However, it is your dedication to farming that keeps us striving to create the best and most reliable grain systems today and for generations to come.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we are driven to provide top-of-the-line products that will protect, condition and move the grain you work so hard to produce. We are committed each and every day to provide the best service possible by establishing lasting relationships with our worldwide network of dealers and customers just like you who use our products.



Whether purchasing a new bin or updating present storage for drying, a StirAtor can cut drying time by 50% in a low temperature bin. A StirAtor can also help store grain by serving as a management tool for grain conditioning.

GSI StirAtors provide a thorough, systematic, and time-tested stirring pattern. The efficiency of the Design III StirAtor is enhanced by its spiral stirring pattern which affects the entire grain mass within each stirring cycle. This stirring pattern that allows the augers to spend more time stirring the outside of the bin, rather than the centre of the bin — an important feature considering that half of a bin’s grain is positioned in the outside one-third of the bin.

Choose a GSI StirAtor with two or three augers for 24' to 36' bins.


GSI Grain Flow and Calc-U-Dri will convert your bin into an automatic in-bin drying system. With the addition of a StirAtor, your bin becomes a wet holding tank with a depth of up to 16 feet, a continuous ow dryer and a dry and store unit.

Model 84 Grain Flow features an 8" discharge auger with 700 BPH discharge capacity using dual floor augers.

The optional Calc-U-Dri is an unparalleled master control for automatic, in-bin continuous flow grain drying. Calc-U-Dri keeps grain moisture content no higher than 0.3% over set point (percentage moisture desired). It also controls the Grain Flow and take-away systems.

The Calc-U-Dri sensor, located in the Grain Flow discharge tube, monitors all the grain leaving the drying bin. Wall-mounted monitors are no match for Calc-U-Dri sensor accuracy.

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The Design III StirAtor can turn a grain bin into a drying system at a minimum investment. A high temperature, above 10 degree rise, bin dryer has to have a way to dry all the grain to the same moisture. Just running a fan & heater on a bin full of grain will result in 5% grain at the bottom with no moisture removed on the top. A GSI StirAtor ensures that all the grain is the same moisture without requiring a wet tank.


Rugged Drive:

A strong 3/16" aircraft cable drives the machine. No reversing switches.

Disconnect Box:

Fused disconnect box protects motors. Automatic Shut-Off: Shuts the StirAtor down if the trolley binds.

Fused Gear Motor:

Protects against electrical problems. Sealed Bearings: Low maintenance.

Solid State Electronic Tilt Switch:

Replaces the mercury switch. Controls the forward motion of the machine. No moving parts. Gear Motor Ratio: GSI StirAtors use a 9 RPM gear motor.


Stir-Guard: Protects grain from over-stirring. If the StirAtor does not move forward within 45 minutes, Stir-Guard shuts the StirAtor down.

Hard Surfaced Down Augers:

The entire lifting surface of GSI’s down augers is covered by a durable, stainless steel surface.

Graduated Pitch Augers:

Easier start-ups and more flighting at the bottom of the auger where the most grain is stirred.

GSI Air Tubes:

Help prevent bin wall grain spoilage.

In-Out Ladder:

Since GSI StirAtors stir all the way to the bin wall, removal of the inside attached ladders is recommended. GSI's strong and lightweight alloy steel tubing In-Out Ladder allows for easy entry into the bin.

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The capacity of your drying bin can be significantly increased by the addition of a GSI Model 84 Grain Flow. It pulls only the dried grain at the floor of the bin, improving efficiency while preserving exceptional grain quality. Plus, with shallow depths the system achieves higher airflows and capacity. The integrated Calc-U-Dri provides complete operation and moisture controls. Grain Flow reduces the necessity of a wet bin though one can be added for maximum capacity.


Rugged Gear Box:

The gear box features Timken tapered roller bearings, high temperature grease seals and case hardened gears. Adjustable legs allow the gear box to fit plenums from 12" to 20".

Dual Floor Augers:

Grain Flow’s gear box uses tough 1-1/4" case hardened shafts to drive dual floor augers with hefty shafts and heavy-duty flighting. These augers unload grain at up to 700 BPH or 1500-2000 BPH using the slide gate. Support feet move floor augers through grain at a smooth even pace.

Hood Design:

Grain Flow's unique hood keeps grain from free- owing from the bin's center. There is no need for a resistor ring or grain paddles that damage grain. Hood and floor auger design allows grain to be evenly removed at up to 700 BPH (limited only by fan and heater drying capacity).

Grain Flow Also Includes:
  • Exterior control box for operation from one convenient location.
  • Take-away auger control box.
  • Incline transfer augers.
  • Discharge auger extensions.
  • Trans-Fer pneumatic conveying systems.
  • 8" x 18' or 20' vertical auger with accessories.
  • Single or three phase, 220V or 440V electrical options.
  • Bin full switch to stop Grain Flow when storage bin is full.
  • Hard surfaced oor augers (rice only).

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Unique electronic circuitry makes Calc-U-Dri an accurate and reliable direct moisture sensing control available for in-bin continuous flow grain drying.

Immediately on start-up the Calc-U-Dri automatically allows the grain to dry from 15 to 60 minutes. The operator chooses the initial drying period depending upon the amount of moisture to be removed from the grain. This is followed by a two minute discharge period when grain moisture is sampled as the grain is emptied from the bin.

Calc-U-Dri's stainless steel sensor is simple and uses capacitance-type sensing to accurately calculate grain moisture. As grain passes over the Calc-U-Dri sensor located in the discharge tube, every bushel of grain is checked for moisture content.

Solid state electronics eliminate the need for special equipment or buildings to house the unit. The Calc-U-Dri is designed to be operated in the farm environment.

Drying Cycle

Moisture Levl Of Discharged Grain Calc-U-Dri Goes To...
Lower then 0.3% Above set level Discharge Cycle
0.3% to 0.9% above set level 15 to 60 minute drying cycle
1.0% to 1.9% above set level 30 to 120 minutes drying cycle
2.0% higher above set level 45 to 180 minutes drying cycle

Calc-U-Dri features:

On-Delay Timer: Three seconds before Grain Flow starts, the Calc-U-Dri starts the take- away system, minimizing peak power loads.

Sensor Location: Location of the Calc-U-Dri sensor in the discharge auger accurately checks the moisture content of every bushel of grain being discharged.

djustable Off-Delay Timer (1-100 Sec.): The take-away system continues to run 20 seconds after the Grain Flow stops discharging grain, emptying the take-away system of grain.

Universal Usage: Use with all grains in all environmental conditions. Adjustable drying periods on the Calc-U-Dri allow for accurate use with all grain in all types of weather.

Push to Read Temperature: Simple push button displays temperature on digital display.

Easy to Set Moisture Limit: Press the Set Moisture Limit button and turn the Moisture Limit Adjustment knob to the desired grain moisture content.

Moisture Offset: Dial the percentage of moisture that is to be adjusted. This amount will be added to or subtracted from the moisture readout.

Auto/Manual Switch:Calc-U-Dri can be operated in either automatic or manual mode.

Sample Indicator Lamp: Lights up when the two minute sample is being taken.

Drying Time Adjustment: Set the initial drying time from 15 to 60 min. The Calc-U- Dri will automatically double or triple drying time (on whatever position set) depending on grain moisture content.

Take-Away Auger Power Switches: Allows take-away equipment to be run manually, automatically, or turned off.

See Brochure for more information

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