PMR Grain Solutions



Designed and constructed using the latest computer aided design and manufacturing techniques. Perry grain dryers are built with close tolerances for ease of construction and reliability.


Constructed using pre-galvanised sheet and hot dipped galvanised components to BS1014 and BS1461 - this ensures a long and reliable service life indoors and out.


All Perry dryers are commissioned by an experienced engineer providing expert technical advice for complete customer satisfaction. Warranty calls or technical operational problems are attended on site by engineers from Perry's who built the machinery.


Perry grain dryers proven worldwide drying a variety of granular crops.

  • Perry manufactured their first dryer in 1954
  • All Perry driers are designed and manufactured in house, to conform to British and international standards.
  • Designed and manufactured in house.
  • Full technical support and servicing direct from the manufacturer.
  • Very latest PLC program and control panel designed and programmed in house.
  • Capacities from 8 to 100 tph.
  • Widths from 2M to 8M
  • Designed to BS6399 and BS5950 for structural strength and wind loads calculated on a 50 year event.
  • Fully galvanised
  • Highly efficient pneumatic shutter discharge.
  • 2mm thick grain column.
  • The Perry drier has a completely ledge free grain column to help prevent the hang up of straw or dust and other residue in the column which could become a fire hazard.
  • The side sheets are manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel.
  • Tapered duct design aids an even air speed across the entire drier width.
  • The top row of ducts in the drier are manufactured from 3mm galvanised steel to prolong life as they are subject to wear as the drier is filled.
  • The column also has unique design features to promote even grain flow.
  • The outside of the column is supported at each corner by a column of interlocked 5mm thick mullions for high structural rigidity.


These driers offer the flexibility of the capacity of a large drier combined with the flexibility of being able to use either half for drying small batches.

When a drier is required to have a large capacity it can be supplied as a Dual column drier. In this case instead of one drier of 60 tph capacity for example it has 2 columns capable of 30tph each. This means that if there is only a small amount of crop to be dried then only one column can be used so only half the amount of crop needed to fill the whole drier is required to start drying. Also one column can be left filled with one crop whilst the other column is used to dry another to reduce the lost time taken to empty and refill the drier between crops.


Key Features:

  • 12” touch Screen.
  • Programmed in house.
  • Simple operation.
  • Over 70 alarms and messages.
  • Automatic set up for different crops and moisture contents.


Crop set up page allows you to enter crop type, intake moisture content and target moisture content, the panel will then set all the temperatures and set a start speed using this data.


The alarm history is recorded and input and output screens display current panel conditions to speed up fault diagnostics. Internet connectivity

Connect your panel to the internet to allow:

  • Status reports in email and text form to be sent to selected numbers and e mail addresses.
  • Ability to control or monitor the drier remotely from any internet connected PC.
  • Can download all alarm history and recorded drier conditions.
  • Remote connection by Perry engineers to diagnose any faults.
  • Moisture contents can be entered during the day.
  • Can export all recorded drier conditions and moisture contents to excel and automatically create daily record sheets.
  • Fuel use calculator included.
  • Recirculating batch mode.


  • 12” touch Screen.
  • Designed and programmed in house.
  • Simple operation.
  • Can control up to 10 machines as standard.
  • Unique mimic drawings for each installation.
  • Manual or auto route selection modes.
  • Drier operation can be accessed


CentriKleen is the cost effective, simple solution to your drier’s dust and chaff problems.

  • Can be fitted to existing axial fans on all makes of drier.*
  • No additional motor power
  • Up to 95% of visible dust and chaff collected
  • Does not require additional steel support**
  • No moving parts
  • All galvanized
  • Dust and chaff can be collected into a trailer or dust box
  • 2 models currently available to suit 1M and 1.25M diameter axial fans


The Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System is a pneumatically operated system that is installed at the base of the exhaust plenum. It has been designed to help reduce the build up of dust, chaff & seeds in the plenum by periodically discharging any product that may have been pulled from the grain column and puts it back with the main grain flow.The Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS) removes the need to clean out light grains and chaff from the drier exhaust plenum.

  • Additional option on all new driers but can be retrofitted to shutter discharges.
  • Pneumatically operated only. Connected to existing drier compressor.
  • PLC controlled so frequency of drop can be adjusted.
  • Labour saving
  • Particularly useful when drying Oil Seed Rape or light seeds
  • Chaff and light seeds released directly into the discharge hoppers.
  • Pneumatic flap optimizes the airflow in the drier when in the shut position.


All Perry driers are equipped with a pneumatically operated shutter discharge system.

  • The length of the opening time and the frequency is fully adjustable from the drier PLC panel.
  • Twin rams on 2, 3 and 4M drier discharges.
  • 4 rams on 5 and 6M drier discharges. 
  • Pneumatic control panel mounted on the side of the discharge.
  • Compressor supplied with the drier.
  • All galvanised construction for the entire discharge system.
  • Sight glasses fitted in hoppers.
  • Hand slides fitted to each hopper to meter the crop into the discharge conveyor.
  • Heavy duty leg and support beam structure designed to BS6399 and BS5950.


  • Standard fans with 1D silencers.
  • Standard fans with 1D silencers with pods.
  • Side mounted fans with rain beaks.
  • Vertically mounted fans with standard silencers.
  • Vertically mounted dust reduction fans.
  • E/P operated weather shutters fitted to vertically mounted fans.
  • E/P operated fan dust shutters to reduce the dust and chaff output when the discharge shutters open available as an option.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Efficient furnace design to promote uniform hot air mixing.
  • Inverter option for fans to reduce the speed and power requirement when drying light crops.
  • Furnace and hot air plenum insulation.
  • Option of the addition of Biomass heat source.


  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Dual fuel (gas and oil in the one burner)
  • Biomass


The Perry drier has a fan bypass plenum to allow air to be bled directly into the fans from ground level. This ensures that airspeeds are not increased in front of the full ducts.

The PLC panel also gives the option to turn a fan off if a drier has multiple fans. (Fan shutters must be fitted to use this).

To help achieve the low temperatures required when there is also low air flow due to the lightness of the crop the PLC panel has the ability to turn burners on and off to maintain the low temperature if fitting smaller jets is not enough.

Optional inverter control for the drier fans to reduce energy consumption and crop lift off when drying light crops.


There are large access doors into the exhaust plenum. These also allow cleaning out of any blockages that may occur in the baffles above the discharge shutters.

The internal of the drier has a lot of cross bracing which is dimpled to provide a non slip surface. These can be used as a ladder to access the drier for cleaning and inspection. Harness attachment points are at every level.

Sight glasses in exhaust plenum allow monitoring of dust and chaff build up.


This dryer has all the features of a continuous mixed flow dryer but can also operate as a recirculating batch dryer. This requires a simpler grain handling equipment layout and enables smaller batches of crop to be dried.


  • Low fuel consumption (typically 1.2 litre / tonne / 1% moisture extracted).
  • Low power requirement.
  • Automatic control panel with full safety specification - reliable and simple.
  • Easy to read digital instruments that require minimal operational supervision. The panel can incorporate sequenced control of associated intake and handling system.
  • Fully galvanised, weatherproof construction for outdoor and/or indoor installation.
  • Modular construction, designed for future expansion.
  • Large access doors and quick release discharge trays aid drier cleanliness.
  • Accurate temperature and discharge controls for safe drying.
  • Auto discharge control - simple form of moisture control which is well proven and offers constant discharge on standard models.
  • Large diameter high performance fans which run at slow speeds with low noise levels.
  • Single burner furnace for ease of maintenance and simplified electrical installation.
  • Automatic shutdown with light warning indication on any alarm situation.
  • Feed on demand control available.

Series of contra-rotating discharge rollers operating at variable speeds ensure even discharge over the full width of the dryer for uniform treatment.


Perry of Oakley has developed a new split column continuous flow dryer allowing smaller batches of crop to be dried in large capacity models. All continuous mixed flow dryers need to be completely full before efficient drying can begin. Perry has developed the split column principle to halve the amount of grain required to start one of these dryers. It also gives the client flexibility of contract drying smaller batches using a high capacity dryer.

The split column principle is made possible by dividing the dryer column into two sections - ie. a 4 metre dryer will be split into two x 2 metre sections. Each section has its own axial fan, but one furnace is utilised to feed either column of the dryer. There are also modifications to the dryer control panel to indicate whether one or both sides of the dryer is/are in use and to operate the handling equipment accordingly.


The Harvest Constant Humidity Controller (CHC) gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24hrs a day, every day.

The CHC system has a proven record of accuracy, efficiency and economy with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onions stores nationwide. With a range of sizes from 200,000 to 4,000,000BTU/hr all using the same plate type burner head, independent burner fan and up to date electronics and controls, they have proved themselves for over 30 years.


Perry of Oakley has its own fully functioning grain drier test rig installed at Cannington Grain, UK. It’s a model M217.

This gives us access to an actual drier operating under real life conditions and the capability for extended test runs for all new product developments and to enhance our R and D capabilities.

The drier is completely wired with temperature monitors and has access hatches to enable us to measure moisture contents anywhere in the grain column.