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Also known as: Bulk Bag Loaders, Big Bag Fillers, Big Bag Loaders, FIBC Fillers, FIBC Loaders, Super Sack Fillers, and Super Sack Loaders.

Spiroflo bulk bag fillers offer the widest range of applications, and are used extensively across an equally wide range of industries including those of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics and building & construction.

Many standard operating features are included in all 'Spiroflo' bulk bag weigh fillers, enabling the processor to begin immediate production without the need for extra equipment. In addition to the built-in features of the bulk bag fillers standard units, a full range of options is provided, allowing many other operations to be performed from the same machine.

In addition to its standard range of weigh fillers, Spiroflo designs and manufactures special purpose big bag fillers for handling many different tasks.


Where height restrictions can sometimes be a problem filling FIBC's, the Spiroflo low profile machine can be used in most situations. The low profile model, which can be specified for either pallet or loop bag removal, is designed to fit in areas previously used for small sack loading.


  • Vibration facility for product deaeration and compaction.
  • Certified load cell weigh platform.
  • Bulk bag and liner inflation.
  • Adjustable arms for multiple bag sizes.
  • Integral controls.
  • Pneumatic neck seal.
  • Inflation for dust-free filling.
  • Venturi attachment for facility-supplied dust collection.
  • Flow control.

Processors often need to respond quickly to customer demand and be able to supply product in other kinds of containers such as rigid IBCs, drums or octabins. With the addition of special adaptors, this can be achieved using the same filling platform, providing a versatile, multi-purpose machine.

Spiroflo's automated bulk bag filling system gives large volume users the benefit of continuous operation without having to stop to unload each bag. Pallets are automatically fed to the filling rig and the bags are looped onto pneumatically operated hooks. Once filling is completed, the bag is then moved along the line by a powered roller conveyor.


Also known as: Big Bag Dischargers, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Emptiers, FIBC Dischargers, FIBC Unloaders, FIBC Emptiers, Super Sack Dischargers, Super Sack, Unloaders and Super Sack Emptiers.

The good economy and high safety levels of Bulk Bag Dischargers for the handling of a variety of materials are major factors towards their use by a wide and ever-increasing range of industries. From a situation where small sacks were almost exclusively used, big bags have become a viable means of containment and distribution for a whole range of vastly differing products.

Spiroflow's experience is the culmination of many years of close co-operation with both small and large volume users - resulting in the development of a comprehensive and expanding range of bulk bag dischargers and transfer equipment to meet the particular requirements of virtually any product and bag type.

Nine models of bulk bag dischargers are available to provide discharge by volume or by weight. A wide range of modular emptiers is also available, providing the complete solution to bag emptying and materials conveying.